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Thai-Viet Business Meeting (TVBM) is a unique business forum developed by Thaiviet Connect Center in close cooperation with our Thai partner companies and initial support from interested Vietnamese entrepreneurs to explore business opportunities and partnership across Thailand and Vietnam for our shared prosperity.

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TVBC is expected to be held occasionally to bring together businesses of all kind from Thailand and Vietnam to meet each other including:

  1. Business Matching Meeting (ประชุมจับคู่ธุรกิจ): April 2017
  2. Thai Viet Potential Product launching (เสนอสินค้ามาใหม่): Not yet
  3. Business Consulting Forum (ตอบถามประเด็นธุรกิจไทยเวียดนาม): Not yet

Thai-Viet Business Connect Meeting The 1st

The TVBM 1 (ประชุมจับคู่ธุรกิจไทยเวียดนาม) was held on April, 2017 which brought Vietnamese entrepreneurs and Thai companies altogether in Bangkok to discuss and study possible business cooperation in retailing business of Thai natural products to Vietnam market. The Thai partner is the leading trading company of over 200 Thai products and is now still seeking for a Vietnamese well registered companies to be its biggest distributors in the country. The Vietnamese partners should meet these expectations:

  1. Well registered with certain period of business practice and high performance
  2. Having a distribution network or at least measurable good delivery capability.

TVC Thailand

Towards Shared Prosperity

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