TVC provides 3 eminent services on: 

TRANSLATION SERVICE: รายละเอียดภาษาไทย (more details).

What you will receive is the highest accuracy, time punctuality, well cross-referencing of languages and cultures for easy understanding, precise message conveyance, and cultural awareness.


CONVENIENCE SERVICE:                รายละเอียดภาษาไทย (more details).

What you will receive are convenience, time-saving and trouble free experiences at a reasonable cost for your daily needs in Thailand and Vietnam


CONSULTANCY SERVICE:       รายละเอียดภาษาไทย (more details).

We provide the best services to help you establish your company, clear taxes, and auditing,  customs clearance services, administrative work, office renting, certification processing for your business and investment ideas in Thailand and Vietnam. What you will receive are timely service, short-cutting way and the safest solutions possible.



1. Language services

  • Translation services: We currently have two levels of prices including
    • 0.1 USD USD/word (specialized documents)
    • and 0.05 USD/word (general documents).
  • Interpretation services: We currently have two levels of prices:
    • 60 USD/hour (specialized level)
    • 30 USD/hour(general level).
    • Overtime surcharge: 10%. Late payment fine: 20%.
  • Notary services: starting price at 20 USD/page

2. Trade and transportation

  • Import and export services: starting price at 150 USD/deal
  • Transport by sea Vietnam – Thailand: starting at 800 USD/container
  • Transport by road Vietnam – Thailand: starting at 0.5 USD/kg.
  • Car rental service starting from
    • 80 USD/day (North-Middle-South Vietnam)
    • 70 USD/day for Thailand.

3. Consultancy

  • Company registration (within 01 week): Starting price at 2,000 USD Document Requirement (VietnameseEnglishProcedure .
  • Acquisition of import-export certification (within 15 days). Starting price: 150 USD/set
  • Acquisition of bar-code certification (within 30 days). Starting price: 350 USD/set
  • Auditing and accounting services (monthly and yearly maintenance with low rate), social insurance setup. Starting price: 250 USD/month
  • Company Verification to identify companies’ legal and financial status before important business transactions in Thailand and Vietnam. Starting price: 150 USD/check
  • Clearance of legal and financial issues (formally and informally) relating to business establishment and operation in Thailand and Vietnam. Starting price: 650 USD
  • Visa and work permit. Starting price: 650 USD
  • Administrative procedures for foreigners: case by case, starting price 150 USD
  • Marital certificate and legal relationships. Starting price: 150 USD
  • Property ownership, purchasing or renting of real estate properties. Starting price: 150 USD and commission per deal.
  • Renting offices and factories for your business. Starting price: 150 USD and commission per deal.

For further details of the services, please send us an email or contact us here

*** Price is for reference. This might vary depending on the basis of timing and case by case.







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Useful information, please refer to other official websites here

  1. Thai Department of Business Development
  2. Thai Ministry of Labour
  3. Thai Immigration Bureau
  4. Thai Stock Exchange
  5. Thai Department of International Trade Promotion
  6. Vietnamese Embassy to Thailand

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