Thai Viet Connect Center (TVC), registered in Thailand since early 2018, in cooperation with our trusted local partners, provides 03 eminent services: (1) trade; (2) business consultancy; (3) support services of language interpretationtransport and travel for our customers including international organizations, transnational businesses and individuals between Thailand and Vietnam with an outlook to reach the Southeast Asian region.

TVC was initiated back in 2016 by a group of young Vietnamese and Thai intellectuals who are professionals in the field of consultancy, language and trade service with a robust passion for value-added business for tangible outcomes, shared prosperity and enduring successes.

TIẾNG VIỆT         ภาษาไทย

Affiliated members are alumni and students from Vietnam National University, Chulalongkorn University, Thammasat University, Singapore National University, Srinakhrinwirot University, Thai Chamber of Commerce, Asian Institute of Technology, Rajamangala University with diversified expertise and professional skills in terms of international relations, laws, regional studies, linguistics, social and humanities, and international business. TVC has two experienced lawyers who are currently members of Thai Bar Association, more than ten senior interpreters of ASEAN regional languages working for high reputation international organizations such as United Nations, IRC, ILEA or teaching languages in top Thai universities, such as Thammasat and Silapakorn, as well as several language collaborators who are occasional interpreters and translators for international businesses, organizations, and government agencies.



TVC is the provider of 03 services: (ภาษาไทย  tiếng việt)

(1) Trade service: facilitating the import and export of premium products of Thailand and Vietnam.

(2) Vernacular language services of ASEAN region: provides interpretation and translation between English, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia, Lao, Burmese, Khmer for corporations, organizations and individuals and teaching services of Thai language, Vietnamese language in particular.

(3) Consultancy: facilitate business matching, assist business registration, company identity verification, accounting and auditing, paperwork, market research and other support services for businesses and individuals in Thailand and Vietnam such as administrative and legal proceedings, customized traveling and transportation, and local assistance.

TVC is not the first in the field but always committed to offer the best ideas and solutions that we and our stakeholders can make.

For the past years, TVC major services receive a substantial acknowledgment from partners, stakeholders, and customers including:

  • Trade services: TVC has assisted more than 40 companies and individuals to connect with their Thai and Vietnamese partners on 26 agricultural products (fruits and seedlings), 12 household products (home-wares, furniture, construction materials, softener – washing liquid, cooking oil), 17 beauty products (cosmetics and skincare products, cream, mask, and soap), office products (paper), food (fruits and cereals), 01 business matching meeting (TVC 1 in 2017), 02 OEM production.
  • Business consultancy: Business registration (03 corporate customers to set up new businesses) acquiring business registration certificates, 02 import-export certificates, 01 for acquiring barcode, 02 for health and safety certificate.
  • Convenience services: administrative work, visa-work permit processing (10), renting of vehicles and accommodation (4) financial transactions with low trans-border cost (10 companies and several individuals)
  • Language services: Over the past years, TVC has provided translation and interpretation among different languages in the region including English, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Bahasa, Lao, Khmer, Burmese for over 30 trans-national companies and business people, nearly 10 international organization and over 20 governmental agencies and public institutions in different occasions from business trips, diplomatic exchanges, training, fieldwork, international conferences, interviews, and counselings. Notary certified translation for over 10 customers.
  • Trade services: 30 import and export orders between Thailand and Vietnam for agriculture products and consumer goods.


  • Multinational corporations: CP Group, Central Group, Siam Cement Group, Takeda, Netflix, GMM Bravo, Sapiens International, MD Corporation, Manulife, Vietjet Air, GKP seedling company;
  • International organizations and institutions: United Nations Office on Drug and Crime, International Rescue Committee, International Law Enforcement Academy.
  • Governmental agencies: US Aids, JICA, FK Norway and NOREC, Thai Department of Social Development and Welfare, Thai Ministry of Public Health, Thai Department of Trade Promotion, Vietnam Committee of Ethnic Minority Affairs, Vietnam Department of Population and Household Planning, Vietnam Trade Office in Thailand.
  • Institutions: University of Thai Chamber of Commerce, Burapha University, Viet Language Center.

TVC services are now well prepared to serve our customers’ highest expectations as we have done so for the past years. Meanwhile, we are continuing to improve as well as test other services so that we can ensure our customers will gain the best benefits with the highest quality and utmost convenience for their business expectations.

During our early days, we have the honor to welcome some enthusiastic youngsters joining our team to serve our customers. We would like to take this chance to express our profound gratitude to all of them. For different reasons, some remain with us while others decided to leave for their own paths. TVC would like to wish them all the best.

For future development, we would like to encourage talented and enthusiastic youngsters to come with us and realize our business ideas into the best outcomes that our founders have envisioned

  1. Partnership: Details
  2. Employment: Details




TVC WORK 2019 (pending)








  1. Civilian support program at IRC
  2. Business Consultancy for
    • Establishment of Vietnamese company on marble mining (initial consultancy)
    • Vietnamese Restaurant in Bangkok (finished);
    • Vietnamese home-ware producer into Thailand market (finished 1st and 2nd phases)
  3. Money transfer VND-Baht: <Xx,000 USD (14 times), <Xxx,000 USD (2 times)


  1. Simultaneous interpretation at UNODC conference on cybercrime in 2016 and UNODC Dialogue on Maritime Security in 2017
  2. Simultaneous interpretation on leadership training of Charoen Pokapan Plc -CP Group in 2016
  3. Interpretation at a Business matching session of Central Group Retail – Central Group in 2016
  4. Interpretation for Vietnam Embassy in Thailand at Thailand-Vietnam Business Forum 2016
  5. Interpretation support for Business Matching organized by Thai business promotion agency 2016
  6. Interpretation for the Thai Department of Social Development and Human Security and Vietnamese Central Committee on Ethnic Minority Affairs on ethnic minority policy and social policy cooperation (cooperation with VLK Center) in 2016
  7. Interpretation for DITP Thailand for Business Matching 2016
  8. Interpretation with Manulife International on regional insurance business in 2017
  9. Interpretation with FK Norway: FK TRAINING in 2017
  10. Interpretation in UTCC CEO Training with UTCC University in 2017 and 2018
  11. Interpretation for ASEAN Beauty Expo in Bangkok in 2018
  12. FK Norway training 2018
  13. Vietnam-Thailand exchanging program on ethnic minority affairs between the Thai Department of Social Development and Welfare and Vietnam Committee on Ethnic Minority Affairs 2018
  14. IRC Screening for Resettlement program 2018

Thailand-Vietnam Business Forum 2016 with language support from TVC at Vietnamese Trade Fair at Central World (Bangkok), Thai-Viet Investor Meeting at Centara Hotel (Bangkok), Thai-Viet Business Matching and Thai-Viet Entrepreneur Banquet.

Thailand-Vietnam Meeting of Investors 2016 with interpretation support of TVC language service

Thai Trade Promotion Annual Meeting organized by DITP Thailand with the participation of the TVC language team

UNODC on Maritime Law Enforcement Dialogue with interpretation service provided by TVC language team


TVC is designed to serve businesses, organizations and individuals of Thailand and Vietnam and ASEAN countries for increasingly closer friendship, better understanding, sustainable development, and shared prosperity between the regional countries and peoples within the ASEAN community.

We are also expecting to co-operate with businesses, governmental and non- governmental organizations in terms of business in Thailand, ASEAN language and culture, trade of ASEAN products, legal support and civilian assistance.

Our previous clients include

  • IGOs and NGOs:
    • UNDOC
    • IRC
  • Governmental Agencies:
    • Vietnam Trade Office in Thailand
    • Thai Department of International Trade Promotion
    • Thai Department of Social Development and Human Security and the Vietnamese Central Committee on Ethnic Affairs
    • Vietnam General Department of Population and Household Planning
    • USAID
    • FK Norway
  • Multinational Corporations
    • Charoen Pokapan Plc
    • Central Group
    • Siam Cement Group
    • Manulife International
    • Takeda Singapore Pte Limited
  • Institutions:
    • UTCC university
    • VLK center
Vietnamese Trade Representative Office to Thailand
CP Leaders’ Training 2016 with the participation of TVC language team
Central Group Retail’s Thai-Viet Business Matching Session 2016 with language support by TVC Thailand
Takeda Singapore Pte Limited

TVC is and has always been, committed to working with our stakeholders to produce the best outcomes together on the road to our shared successes and prosperity.


We envision to be one of the most prestigious, vibrant and hybrid providers of value-added services for businesses and civilians in Southeast Asia.

We chose Thailand as our first start and reaching out to Vietnam as the second as our members bear natural bonds with these two countries, both of which are located at the heart of Southeast Asia by land and by sea.


1. Our work has been proven and accredited by organizations, businesses, and individuals throughout our previous projects with our stakeholders.

2. If you look for high-quality services with practical efficiency, high responsibility, and long-term success, we are always among your best accompanies.

3. We will let you, our customers and stakeholders come and tell us.



Mrs. Hang, Vietnamese customer:


Mr. Duc, a Vietnamese customer:

Customer MW:


Thank you and wish you a happy life and great successes,

TVC Thailand

Unique Quality, Shared Prosperity


Thaivietconnect Limited Partnership (Reg No: 0113561000991) to promote our endeavors and quality services all across Thailand and Vietnam as well as beyond Southeast Asia.

หจก.ไทยเวียดคอนเนค (ใบอนุญาตเลขที่ 0113561000991) อีเมล์ thaivietconnect@gmail.com No.1163 Moo 1 Thasailuad sub-district, Maesod district, Tak province 63110

This website and its content are made to record TVC work and TVC related activities, including but not limited, to personal work of TVC founders.

If you find any contents infringed with your personal or corporate rights, please inform us to our mail at thaivietconnect@gmail.com. TVC and its affiliates are NOT subjected to any legal claims of conflicts that are NOT well informed to and accepted by TVC and its affiliates in words with identifiable signed and seals. Any misuse of TVC logo and contact details without the written permission from TVC and its affiliates is illegal.

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