Thai Viet Connect (TVC) is a service provider registered in Thailand as Thai Viet Connect Limited Partnership (Tax ID 0113561000991) since 2018. TVC, in cooperation with our trusted local partners in Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Indonesia provide 03 eminent services:

  1. Trade, transport and travel
  2. Language and support service
  3. Business and legal consultancy

Our customers including international organizations, transnational businesses, institutions and individuals between Thailand, Vietnam and in the Southeast Asian region.











THAI VIET CONNECT (TVC) was initiated back in 2016 by several young Vietnamese and Thai intellectuals who are experienced professionals in the field of language, international business, laws, international trade, Southeast Asian studies for years in Thailand and Vietnam. TVC founders and her staff altogether have a robust passion for high quality business. Together, we strive our best to offer unique services of premium quality with optimized efficiency to our customers for our shared prosperity, sustainability, and enduring success.


Over the past years, we have served more than 100 international conferences held by over 20 international organizations and transnational corporations; over 100 transactions valued at over 20 million THB, more than 18 group tours to Vietnam and Thailand, over 20 consulting sessions with entrepreneurs, investors, and individuals.



TVC provides 3 eminent services on

  • TRADE & TRANSPORT: transportation services between Thailand – Lao – Cambodia – Vietnam, import – export service of premium products from Thailand and Vietnam.
  • VERNACULAR LANGUAGES: high-quality interpretation and translation between regional languages: Thai, Vietnamese, Bahasa, Lao, Khmer, Burmese, Chinese and Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Hmong- Jarai- Ede, Arabic, Urdu, Bengali, Tamil, Hindi, Pashto, Farsi, Russian, French, Somali
  • CONSULTANCY: informative and committed assistance to businesses and individuals for investment, registration, marketing and business partnership in Thailand and Vietnam

Please contact our email at thaivietconnect@gmail.com or phone +66 803433247 for further details

THAI VIET CONNECT Limited Partnership Thailand and ASEAN CONNECT Co. Ltd. Vietnam, granted scholarships to students in Hue university and Quang Tri university for their achievements and mitigating flood impacts on their families in December 2020.

THAI VIET CONNECT Limited Partnership and ASEAN CONNECT Co. Ltd., provided rice seeds for farmers who are flood victims in the central province of Vietnam in late 2020


Unique Quality, Shared Prosperity

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